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Together We Can Fight Government Takeover of Yeshivas

by Senator Robert Ortt, Republican Leader of the New York State

Senate -- Printed in the Hamodia Prime September 29, 2022

The machinery of Democratic one-party rule in Albany has sunk to a

new low, staging a takeover of Yeshivas in New York. Using the

camouflage of “curriculum equivalency,” the New York State

Education Department wants to say how the children of Torah families

are taught, who teaches them, and in what language.

Why is Albany so harshly enforcing regulations that have been on the

books since 1895? Why now? Because they can. Democrats control

all levers of state government. The young radicals that have captured

the Democratic Party refuse to listen to the remaining few older voices

who suggest moderation, and used to be counted on to provide history

lessons as to why Hasidic Yeshivas – which provide rigorous

education - have been left alone.

The radicals controlling the Democratic Party, and their internet mob -

fear the growth of Hasidic communities because they disagree with

how they center faith and Torah in their communities, disagree how

they vote to support their interests, and disagree with the imperative

Hasidim place on staying separate from the secular world.

What’s at stake for Yeshivas? Everything.

New regulations empower disgruntled former community members,

politicians, unions representing secular teachers – anyone really – to

file official complaints against Hasidic Yeshivas.

New regulations force Yeshivas and public schools to be enemies by

cutting all school funding – public schools too - in areas where

Yeshivas fight this power grab.

Supported by their liberal enablers at the New York Times, the

Democratic Party now insists that the public money Yeshivas do

receive – for meals, after school care, learning materials – is stolen


What can be done?

Elect Republicans to state offices. Elect Republicans to the State

Senate, where I serve. Elect Republicans to the State Assembly. We

need to elect Republican Lee Zeldin, who is Jewish, to be our next


Let me be clear about what we stand for. New York Republicans

respect the rights of parents to choose how and where to educate their

children. We support school choice and when elected to office we will

reverse this unjust takeover of religious education by Democrats and

their extremist allies.

New York Republicans have core values that align with Torah values.

We must be aware of those who would excuse away and apologize for

Democrats. We must be aware of those who would confuse the issue

for their own gain.

We must remember in November on election day we need to vote for

Republicans who stand up for Yeshivas and aren’t afraid of faith being

a part of our education and society.

We are Republican leaders who know and respect Joseph, and who

will never forget.


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