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New York State’s economy has been in deep decline. We must get back to the basics and get our economy back on track. This means resetting our priorities by easing the cost of taxes, eliminating regulations that make it too hard for small businesses to continue or new ones to flourish.


If we do that, we can create the type of climate that helps every New Yorker find a good-paying job right here, in our state.

Public Safety

The one-party, Democrat rule has been jeopardizing our safety. Democrats supporting criminal justice “reforms” that include cashless bail and major changes to the parole system have let dangerous, repeat felons back into our communities. The deadly spike in violence is alarming. We must repeal bail reform and pass true public safety measures that protect crime victims and their families, make it a hate crime to assault or kill police.


I sponsor bills to do exactly that, and I know that they’re the crucial next step we need in order to help New Yorkers once again feel safe in their neighborhoods.


Use of Rob Ortt's photograph in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense.

Protecting our Freedoms

As part of their radically out-of-touch agenda, Democrats have continually dismantled our constitutional freedoms. First, it was the infamous SAFE Act that turned law-abiding gun owners into criminals. I proudly support our Second Amendment and have dedicated my life to serving and protecting our shared values and constitutional rights.


I sponsor multiple bills to fully repeal the SAFE Act and will always be a strong voice for our hunters and sportsmen, and all law-abiding gun owners in our state.


Our farming families are the economic backbone of our state. Not only do they provide homegrown New York produce but they are responsible for over 200,000 jobs and billions in revenue. Because of the Democrat bureaucracy our farmers face regulation challenges that impede their work production., Democrat-driven agenda, our farms face unprecedented challenges and obstacles.


As a western New Yorker, I know the everyday challenges of our farmers and I plan to continue helping them rather than burdening them.


Protecting our Most Vulnerable

Government has an obligation to protect its most vulnerable residents, and I’m proud to have made that a cornerstone of my career in public service.As Chair of the Senate Committee on Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, I’ve advocated for the developmentally disabled community, their families and their caregivers. In my time as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, I saw my fellow veterans struggle and used that experience to help expand the Joseph P. Dwyer Peer-to-Peer Program in Western New York to assist struggling veterans. With the heroin and opioid epidemic plaguing our communities and state, I’ve served on a Senate Task Force and secured millions in resources to take meaningful steps in helping families break the devastating cycle of addiction.


My commitment to residents and communities in need is unwavering, and I’ll always work to provide those who need help with the support and services they require.

A Failing Progressive State

New York State has fallen prey to a radical, progressive agenda. We’ve seen the ramifications of that agenda: record crime, sky-high taxes, dwindling economic opportunity and an exodus of residents from our state for elsewhere. Non U.S. citizens and convicted felons have received taxpayer-funded perks, and our government has had scandal after scandal hovering around it. New Yorkers are sick of it. Its time to put the people first before politics. We must have state government officials answer to the citizens that elected them.


With a little bit of common sense and pragmatic solutions, we can stop the progressive lunacy and find a better way forward for New York State.

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