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Statement From Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt On End Of 2024 Legislative Session

As we come to the end of the legislative session, once again Albany Democrats failed to take action on the most important issues facing New Yorkers – affordability and public safety. In fact, they doubled down on out-of-touch policies that will continue to drive costs up and make New York even more expensive for families and businesses.

While the announcement from Governor Hochul on the so-called “pause” of congestion pricing was welcome news to our conference – who opposed the commuter tax from the beginning – I am disappointed the Legislature is leaving without doing a full repeal and making sure it never reappears. 

The self-inflicted migrant crisis continues to strain our resources and harm the quality of life in communities throughout the state– yet the only answer from Albany Democrats is to throw billions of taxpayer dollars to the City, while leaving in place the misguided “sanctuary” policies that led to the massive influx of migrants to begin with. 

We have seen an alarming rise in antisemitism in our communities and on college campuses, but our Democratic colleagues refuse to take action to address it. 

At the outset of this session, my colleagues in the Senate Republican Conference put forward a comprehensive agenda to address the real issues facing New Yorkers but our efforts were thwarted by politicians who are more concerned with politics than solutions. 

Overall, the 2024 legislative session has been an epic failure for New Yorkers who are in desperate need of real action to increase affordability and improve public safety. Unfortunately, Democrats have not only ignored the will of New Yorkers, they continue to take actions to make our state even more unaffordable, and our communities less safe.  It’s not surprising that we continue to see record numbers of New Yorkers fleeing the state for better opportunity. 



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