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Statement From Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt and Assembly Republican Leader Will Barclay Endorsing Donald J. Trump For President

Updated: Jun 29

The Minority Leaders of the New York State Legislature, Sen. Rob Ortt and Assemblyman Will Barclay, with the support of Senate and Assembly Republicans, today issued the following endorsement of Donald J. Trump:

“Donald Trump is the clear choice – the only choice – to lead America for the next four years and has our endorsement for President of the United States. More than ever, our country needs a Commander in Chief who is fully qualified and committed to the success, sovereignty and security of our great nation. President Trump achieved that in his first term and will once again deliver for the American people.

Joe Biden‘s tenure in office has been a disaster both home and abroad. He has overseen the country’s worst inflation in 40 years, stood idle as 9 million illegal immigrants flooded across our borders, allowed foreign conflicts to play out on multiple fronts, and orchestrated a withdrawal from Afghanistan that left 13 Americans dead. Joe Biden’s job-approval rating is among the worst in history for a reason – he’s earned it.

President Trump provides the strong, capable, common-sense leadership to restore American greatness now and well into the future.”



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