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Statement From Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt

Today’s State of the State speech by Governor Hochul follows the Senate Republicans’ call for a safer, stronger and more affordable New York. While the Governor echoed our themes, she ignored the stark reality that one-party, progressive policies have made New York less safe and less affordable. New Yorkers deserve action that matches the rhetoric.

On issues like bail reform, mental health, housing and affordability, we hope the Governor will deliver real solutions for New Yorkers and ignore the hysterics from the progressive left.

Unfortunately, the Governor’s speech included policies that will make life more difficult for struggling families and small businesses. Touting unachievable energy policies, new mandates on small business and state-driven housing policies will only drive up costs for overburdened New Yorkers, chasing out even more taxpayers and more jobs.

As we continue to examine the full details of her proposals, my Senate Republican colleagues and I are ready to take action on common-sense policies that make New York safer, stronger, more affordable and more free.



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