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Statement From Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt

As record inflation and economic difficulties continue, millions of New Yorkers are struggling to provide for their families this holiday season. Yet rather than trying to help, this state government seems determined to do the opposite.

Rather than rein in spending the way most families are doing, unelected bureaucrats appointed by the Governor are moving to siphon more money away from the public and into their own hands. The Thruway Authority’s toll hike proposal would raise prices for New York E-Zpass customers by five percent starting in 2024. For non-E-Zpass users, the toll hike would be 75 percent.

Governor Hochul is throwing struggling New Yorkers right under the bus not even three weeks after she’s been reelected. This year-end surprise is cowardly and just plain wrong. I am calling on the Governor to immediately shelve this new tax on driving, and reject any more toll hikes on already struggling New York families.



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