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Statement from Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt

Today, the Governor has decided for more than 19 million people in New York that there is still a “state of emergency” going on as it relates to COVID-19. The Governor knows this is not true. It's just another desperate attempt at clinging onto unilateral power, like her predecessor before her.

The Governor's extension of this "state of emergency" doesn't just go against the power of the people to make their own decisions. It goes against democracy itself. New Yorkers are smart, and we’ve adapted to this norm. It's time to focus on getting businesses thriving.

One Party Rule and the Political Ruling Class in Albany refuse to let this go or acknowledge the reality that the emergency is over. New Yorkers are fed up with this system of NO checks and balances. That’s why I am introducing a resolution to the State Senate to End the Emergency immediately.



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