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Senate Republicans Introduce Inflation Relief Plan

Plan Would Eliminate State Sales Tax on Various Goods and Services; Provide Immediate Relief for New York Families Struggling with Increased Costs and Record High Inflation

ALBANY, NY – The New York State Senate Republican Conference today announced the introduction of legislation to eliminate the state sales tax on various goods, services and transactions for two years. As families continue struggling with rising costs due to record high inflation, the time is now for a meaningful and long-lasting tax cut that New Yorkers will immediately see in their wallets, checkbooks and household budgets.

“The families we represent are cutting their budgets to make ends meet. As elected leaders, we must also find ways to tighten our belts. For far too long, our bloated, fiscally irresponsible state government has ignored the struggles of middle-class consumers. It is high time for Albany to give it back to the taxpayers by eliminating sales tax on goods and services that the political ruling class takes for granted. We need to do the right thing and provide desperately needed relief to hardworking New Yorkers,” said Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt.

“If you want to talk about a state of emergency, it is time to talk about the financial emergency too many New Yorkers are facing right now. Every day I hear from residents who are desperately trying to make ends meet as they are forced to choose between paying bills and putting food on the table. With the state still facing a significant budget surplus, we have a duty to provide meaningful relief where we can, and this bill would do just that. I urge my colleagues in the Legislature to do the right thing and do what they can to advance this critical measure,” said Senator Sue Serino.

“New York State is facing an inflation crisis. As a result of irresponsible spending residents are facing higher costs in every aspect of their lives. Record high gas prices, skyrocketing energy costs and more expensive groceries are having a devastating impact on middle class families. Residents deserve real action and real solutions. We cannot tax and spend our way to prosperity. I am proud to cosponsor this Inflation Relief Plan, which will put more money in the hands of working Western New York families and am hopeful that our colleagues across the aisle will support these measures,” said Senator Ed Rath.

The legislation, which would deliver $2.6 billion in annual tax relief to New Yorkers, is also being advanced by Assembly Leader Will Barclay and Assembly Republicans.

The bill would eliminate the state sales tax for two years on the following items:

  • Gas

  • Personal Care Items

  • Housekeeping Supplies

  • Prepared Food

Families already dealing with inflated bills for groceries and gas are skipping summer plans, and will soon be confronted with rising back-to-school costs. The average American family has lost $6,800 in annual income over the past 18 months, thanks to record inflation.

With so many struggling to make ends meet, the Senate Republican Conference’s Inflation Relief Plan would directly address the needs of consumers who want to live their lives free from economic oppression.

“Everyday New Yorkers are struggling with oppressive inflation on top of the state’s record-high costs of living and doing business. Our Inflation Relief Plan will help to address Albany’s out-of-control taxing and spending, while also providing New York families with much-needed relief. The time to act is now,” concluded Leader Ortt.

This legislation is one component of a comprehensive plan that will be outlined in coming weeks by the Senate Republican Conference to address the inflation crisis and make our state more affordable for hardworking New Yorkers.



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