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Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt Joins Long Island Senators & County Legislators

To Blast Congestion Pricing Plan

Already cash-strapped Long Island taxpayers and businesses continue to shoulder the tax burden for New York State

HICKSVILLE, NY – New York State Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt joined Senators Alexis Weik and Mario Mattera and members of the Suffolk and Nassau County Legislatures to blast out-of-touch New York City politicians for pushing forward with their Congestion Pricing tax that could cost motorists and commuters up to $34.50 per day and $82 for commercial vehicles. The elected leaders called for the immediate passage of legislation that would repeal congestion pricing.

“For all of the everyday New Yorkers that commute to the city to work hard and provide for their families, we must repeal this Congestion Pricing tax. Currently, Democratic Senators are aligning themselves with out-of-touch New York City politicians. While Long Islanders and New Yorkers struggle to keep up with record inflation, this is nothing more than a callous commuter tax that will siphon even more money away from hardworking New York families and commuters. Not to mention, with the increase in violent crime, more and more New Yorkers are simply just not comfortable using public transportation as an alternative to driving, and those safety issues must be addressed as well,” said Senator Rob Ortt.

“I want to thank Minority Leader Ortt and our Republican Leaders in Albany for fighting to protect us from Governor Hochul and the NYS Senate and Assembly majorities. Once again, Long Islanders will bear the brunt of the financial burden for New York City and New York State. These misguided policies and unfounded taxes are destroying small businesses. We ask Governor Hochul: where is the help for Long Island?” said Suffolk County Presiding Officer Kevin McCaffrey.

“New Yorkers already pay some of the highest property taxes in the Country. And now it could now cost an additional $34.50 per day to commute into Manhattan, thanks to congestion pricing approved by the democratic state leaders up in Albany. This $1 Billion commuter tax comes as inflation and gas prices continue to soar, making it even more difficult for families to afford life on Long Island. Today, we called for the immediate elimination of this new tax,” said Nassau County Legislator Steve Rhoads

“Thousands of Long Islanders – including NYPD officers and other members of law enforcement – are already enduring high gas prices and jam-packed highways because they have no alternative to getting to work in the city. Thousands more have already voted with their feet and rejected higher fares and frightening crime levels on mass transit. Now Albany Democrats want to hurt us again by adding a new tax on commuters and businesses, when we should be prioritizing ways to make our subways and trains safer, more reliable and affordable, and getting our economy back on track,” said Senator Alexis Weik.

“Thank you to Senate Republican Conference Leader Ortt for taking the time to come to Long Island to help us spotlight the impact that congestion pricing will have on our constituents in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. This unjust tax will impact the daily lives of our residents who are already dealing with out-of-control inflation and add more stress to our families. That is unfair to our region and it must be stopped now,” said Senator Mario R. Mattera.

“Congestion pricing is the latest proposal to come out of Albany’s ‘abundant bag of bad ideas.’ The last thing struggling Long Islanders, who are facing record inflation and high gas prices, need is to be hit with another tax hike. Higher taxes for commuters will place additional strains on family budgets and hurt our ability to get people back to the city,” said Senator Anthony Palumbo.

In 2019, New York City Senate Democrats, with the support of Long Island Democrat Senators Anna Kaplan, John Brooks, Kevin Thomas, James Gaughran, and Todd Kaminsky, pushed and passed the Congestion Pricing Plan. Last week, the Central Business District Tolling Program in charge of overseeing tolls within the Metropolitan area announced tolls could go as high as $34.50 per day. Members of the Senate Republican Conference have introduced S8136, which would fully repeal the congestion pricing plan.

Motorists should make their calendars and make their voice heard at the public hearings on the MTA proposed plan scheduled to take place August 25th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st.

“New Yorkers must stand together and voice their opposition to congestion pricing – it’s simply the wrong solution for rebuilding our New York City post-pandemic. Leaders should be focused on restoring public safety, encouraging a return to work, lowering MTA construction costs and making the region more affordable for everyone,” concluded Senator Ortt.



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