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Senate Republican Leader Ortt, Congresswoman Tenney and Assemblyman Morinello Visit CBP Stations

Along Northern Border to Highlight Need for Greater Investment

Grand Island, NY – Senator Republican Leader Rob Ortt joined Congresswoman Claudia Tenney and Assemblyman Angelo Morinello today visiting the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) stations in Grand Island to examine first-hand the challenges our CBP agents are facing at the Northern Border.

The Buffalo and Rochester stations are both located in the Buffalo Border Patrol Sector, which consists of 29 counties, including all parts of Western New York as well as the Finger Lakes and portions of Central New York and the North Country. The Buffalo Sector has a large area of responsibility that includes 400 air miles of the border.

"Albany Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies have already endangered public safety in our communities – we do not want criminals from other countries thinking they can take advantage of our life here. We must secure our border and support our border patrol agents and make it clear - if you intend to come to our country and commit crimes against our citizenry, you will pay a price. I will continue to stand against attempts to use taxpayer money to house illegals and Albany’s continued coddling of criminals," said NY Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt.

“The brave men and women of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency put their lives on the line every day to secure our borders and protect the homeland. Today, it was my honor to thank them for their service and to discuss the growing challenges they are facing. The worsening crisis at our Northern Border is real, and the Biden administration must take steps to address it immediately. Our CBP agents face unprecedented challenges because of Joe Biden’s failure to address his disastrous open border policies. I reiterated my commitment today to our law enforcement officers at the border – I will continue to do whatever it takes to ensure they have the resources to do their jobs effectively and continue to keep our nation safe,” said Congresswoman Claudia Tenney.

“The illegal immigration crisis on the southern border has now made its way to the northern border. Due to the current administration's failed border policies, our men and women in customs and border patrol are understaffed and overworked. Resources are now being drained from the northern border to help the southern border, which leaves the northern border more vulnerable. Drastic changes to the immigration policies are needed now more than ever,” said Assemblyman Angelo Morinello.



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