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Joint Statement from Rob Ortt, Joseph Borelli, and William Barclay

Statement from New York City Council Minority Leader Joseph Borelli, State Senate Minority Leader Robert Ortt and State Assembly Minority Leader William Barclay on NYC Mayor’s Declaration of Emergency Due to the Influx of Migrants

“Today’s declaration by Mayor Eric Adams that New York City is in a State of Emergency due to the flood of migrants entering the city and overwhelming its shelter system only underscores how Governor Kathy Hochul has utterly neglected the people of this city. Over the past few months, while city officials practically begged for help as they scrambled to manage this full-blown crisis and as New Yorkers continued to bear the full brunt of this burden, the only thing Kathy Hochul has offered is lip service.

In his address to the public today, the Mayor made it abundantly clear: the state and federal government must step up and take responsibility for its failures. As we urged her to do weeks ago, Kathy Hochul must request that President Biden declare New York City in a State of Emergency, which would unlock Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funds and resources to help the City deal with this crisis.”



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