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Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt Applauds Gas Tax Reprieve Passed by Niagara County Legislature

Niagara County Legislature caps the sales tax on gas at $3.00 per gallon

NIAGARA, NY - New York State Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt today expressed his support for the Gas Tax Sales Reprieve enacted by the Niagara County Legislature, capping the county sales tax on gas at $3.00 per gallon. The Niagara County gas sales tax reprieve coincides with the 16 cent reduction in state gas taxes included in the State Budget, providing additional relief to motorists.

“A reduction in gas sales tax has been an issue that myself and my colleagues in the NYS Republican Conference have been advocating for since last year. I applaud the Niagara County Legislature's decision today in capping the county’s gas sales tax. Now, residents will have the state reduction as well as the County tax cap to keep in their wallets. This is a step in the right direction, and my colleagues and I will continue to fight in Albany for more tax relief throughout the rest of this year’s legislative session,” said Leader Ortt.

Just one year ago, the average cost of gas was $2.92 per gallon. This spring, prices reached a record average of $4.47 per gallon in New York State. As inflation, gas prices, and energy bills hit record highs, Senate Republicans have a multi-pronged approach geared toward providing relief, especially to low- and middle-income New York families. Senate Republicans have proposed solutions to help mitigate the unaffordable costs being placed on New Yorkers in their “Take Back New York” 2022 agenda.

To cut energy costs and tame the energy affordability crisis, Senate Republicans have proposed:

  • Mitigating the Impact of the Global Energy Crisis by providing nearly $300 million in energy tax relief by eliminating the two-percent gross receipts tax and removing the underlying 18-A Assessment on utility bills;

  • A Full Repeal of the State’s Gas Tax to provide instant economic relief for hard-working, commuting New Yorkers – which Senate Republicans called for months ago;

  • Rejecting the Democrats’ Proposed Carbon Tax that would raise prices at the pump by 55 cents per-gallon and on home heating bills by more than 25 percent; and

  • No New Tax or Fee Increases in this year’s New York State Budget.



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